Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh Baby!!

It has been a few weeks since my last update. Please forgive me. I'm currently working 35 hours a week and finding it difficult to keep up with the house let alone my blogging duties. Being pregnant is exhausting, but I love it! :) Onto the baby news!!

Baby Beluga is doing wonderfully!! Its perfect, measuring perfectly and its little heartbeat is perfect too! There's nothing like hearing that heartbeat and seeing your baby. I'm so in love already. I go back to the doctor on March 23rd and then we have the big ultrasound on April 1st. I honestly can't wait to find out what this baby is so I can start planning and making cute things! :)

I'm now taking weekly belly shots, hubby is a bit annoyed that its EVERY week, but I think soon there will be some big growth!! I also purchased this book, which I love!! I saw it in a bookstore several years ago and told myself I would purchase it when I was pregnant. It helps me jot down my thoughts, emotions, cravings, etc. and I think it will be a pretty special keepsake of this whole process. Here are some recent pics of the baby bump: 

Some things to note:

1. My hair has not grown since being pregnant and I haven't cut it. I'm struggling with how to do it, etc. I do need to get a trim and reshape it a bit.

2. I'm also struggling to have cute pregnancy style. Some days I feel cute, but I still feel like I'm in the "in between" stage. Recently I've worn normal clothes and laughed at myself in the mirror and then realized I won't be able to wear that shirt for a long time!

3. I'm significantly smaller in the morning than I am in the evenings, all of these pictures were taken in the evening. I think one of the next few days I will take a picture from morning to evening and show you the difference, its crazy! Is this just me or do you/did you notice a big difference too??

We got to see the baby again on February 18th. Hubby was late to the appointment due to traffic. They let me stay longer so he could hear the heartbeat and then we were lucky enough to go into the ultrasound room and see the baby for just a minute, it made my day. I have never had any other appointment where I leave with a grin on my face (except when I got my braces off). Here are pics of baby and how he/she has grown:

I just love the hands in the air!!! The difference in just 4 weeks is incredible!! Here are some of my current habits, cravings, etc.:

*I have been feeling the baby move for about 3 weeks now. Whenever I do feel baby, I try to say hello and it just makes me so happy. I love it!! It's also very reassuring.
*I love to sing to baby especially in the shower. Some of my favorites are: Baby Beluga (Raffi version), Skinamarink,and The Little Blue Man. All songs from my childhood.
*I love when hubby says hi to baby and I can't wait until he can feel the baby move!
*I've been craving lots of protein, mostly cheese burgers. A couple weeks ago I ate 4 cheeseburgers in 5 days!! Maybe this means I'm having a boy!?
*I finally have my appetite back for the most part, some things still sound better than others, but I'm eating 5 to 6 times a day!
*I only have 1 pair of maternity jeans from gap. All of my other "maternity" clothes I wear I bought in the juniors sections at Target, or Kohl's. Also, I love these jeans from Nordstrom's they are amazing and so comfortable!!
 *I'm still throwing up once a week. Generally it happens when I brush my teeth in the morning.
*My nose has super powers. I can smell anything from miles away.
*I feel like my acne is finally going away. I've recently started putting face lotion on morning and night after I wash my face and for whatever reason that has really helped.
*My emotions are all over the place. I had my first pregnancy nervous breakdown a couple of weeks ago. Something to do with the shower water going wasn't pretty and I felt bad for hubby. He made me get out of the shower with shampoo in my hair and I just sobbed in bed for a good hour until the water was warm again. I laugh at myself now, but WOW!! (There were other events of the day that triggered that, but the shower was the clincher). 
*I seriously can't wait to find out what we're having and I wish I could meet baby beluga right NOW!! :D