Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Friends, I realize it's been an awful long time since my last post, things have been busy to say the least. The training for my 5K is going awesome!! 3 weeks until the big day! I've already been looking forward to signing up for a 10K later this summer. I feel great! I'm still doing the 30-day shred and loving it, although I haven't had enough courage to move to level 2!!!

I'm getting ready for our HUGE fund raiser for Girl's Camp. I'd like to ask for your help!!!! Any one living in UT County, if you are moving or have items that you would like to donate for our Yard Sale, I would be willing to meet you somewhere to pick you up!!! Depending on location, I could probably stop by your home. The Yard Sale is Saturday, May 2nd in Orem from 8am-12pm. If you'd like to come and support us, let me know and I'll get you directions.

We are also recycling used cell phones, laser and inkjet cartridges. This will be an ongoing thing. If you know of a company that would be willing to donate their cartridges to us, I can provide you with details on how they can sign up to get prepaid boxes sent to their location!!! If you have used cell phones or cartridges you'd like to donate, let me know!!!!

If you have any questions, please let me know!!!

I'll post updates soon!