Monday, June 18, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kids say the darndest things...

Miracle, Anya, Mikayla

I try to call my little sisters at least once a week to talk to them and say hello. My youngest sisters are Miracle (10), Mikayla (8), and Anya (6). Last week I was talking to Mikayla on the phone and the first topic of conversation went like this:

"Emily, why don't you want to have any kids?"
"Mikayla, who told you I don't want to have any kids?"
"Daddy said that you take medicine, I forgot what it's called, because you don't want any kids."
"I take medicine that's called birth control because I don't want to have kids TODAY!"
"Oh, okay..."

In that same phone call, I spoke to Anya who was in tears because she hurt her leg. She told me I better call her the next day because she was too hurt to talk on the phone. Miracle is my best buddy, they are coming to visit me in July and she is already talking about how horrible it will be when she has to leave me and how she will "cry and cry"...
My sisters are so cute! I've really missed being away from them. I can't wait to see them, but for now...I'm taking medicine because "I don't want kids"!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

An unexpected stop...

On the way home from California we decided to stop in Las Vegas to partake of our favorite Strawberry Lemonade at The Grand Lux Cafe located at the Venetian on the Strip. If you've never had one of these, I highly recommend it. The lemonade is spectacular and they cover the rim of your glass with sugar (my favorite part).

While partaking of this sweet pleasure, we decided to stay and see the most talked about show on the strip...

Celine Dion in A New Day!

With its incredible set and amazing dancers, I couldn't keep my eyes off the stage. Not to mention, Celine sings even better in person!!!! With only 64 shows left, I would highly recommend making the 6 hour drive to get some Strawberry Lemonade and see the show! :)

For more information you can click here. Here's to unexpected stops and delicious Lemonade!!! Cheers!


If you knew my family, then you would know that we are all HUGE Disney fans! Anything Disney we love, especially the traditional yearly trip to Disneyland. I have probably been there at least 20 times in my lifetime. When I met Matthew and found out he had never been, I was astonished and quite disappointed. It took almost three years to finally convince him that it was a great vacation spot and NOT a waste of money...It's been nearly seven years since my last adventure and I couldn't wait to go again...

Everytime there is a special event in the family (my little sister Tiffany's High School Graduation in this case) we take a trip to Disneyland. We met my family in California and spent 4 days between Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. I had been planning this trip for nearly a year; checking out everyday at work to see all of the wonderful things we could do and planning every detail. I was very nervous to take Matthew as he complained a lot and was very upset that he never got to go with his family as a child.

After much anticipation, stress and concern, the trip turned out wonderfully. Matthew loved it and I think he would be willing to go back again (although, he has made it clear that the next family vacation will be spent fishing and camping at Yellowstone as was his family tradition). I hope you enjoy the pictures of us with my family! :)

Monday, June 4, 2007


I have been reading blogs for weeks now and have finally decided to join the "in" crowd. I hope you enjoy my blog, although I'm not sure how intriging it will turn out to be....

WELCOME...I hope you'll come back often!!!! :)