Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I've been on hiadus for several months...

I quit my job in August and moved to Kansas. I decided I needed a break, so I took one. Hubby was very understanding. He let me take all the time I needed. After taking four months off of work, I decided to start looking for a job. I applied to dozens of places it seemed like in early December. I was having a difficult time getting any hits. One day, I heard from two different temp agencies. I had interviews with both. The first ended up being a little scary and a waste of time; it almost seemed like a scam. I didn't feel good about the company and I was really starting to miss my old job in Utah. 

I went to my interview with the second temp agency and they were phenomenal!! They had me taking placement tests before I left and they found work for me within a few days. I started doing some temp work for a cable company. It's mostly clerical, boring work. Lots of filing, some data entry stuff. I check and sort the mail every day and breakdown checks and get them sent out once a week. I work anywhere from 20-40 hours a week depending on what projects they give me. It's kept me busy and it's helped me interact with humans again which is always nice. I find myself exhausted at the end of the day and some days I wonder why I'm even working.

I interviewed for another job through this temp agency. The interview went really well. I liked them and they liked me. They offered me the job...and then they rescinded. I was a mess. It was everything I was hoping for and it didn't work out, or so I thought until I remembered something that had happened earlier that month... 

So, while I was bummed at first, I can't think of a better job in this world then being a mom!

We are so excited for this new adventure!!!  :D