Wednesday, January 30, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley

I've been debating on whether I should post or not. There have been several posts that I have seen all echoing the same thing. I came to the conclusion that I would always be disappointed in myself if I didn't say something.

It wasn't until today when I read this article from the quorum of the twelve apostles, that I realized how to express in words my gratitude for this wonderful prophet. I have had some very personal experiences testifying to me of his testimony regarding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and for his unconditional love that he showed to everyone he came in contact with including those not of our faith. The apostles said so beautifully what I've been thinking since he passed away on Sunday and I echo that same statement:

"The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles unitedly expresses its heartfelt love and admiration for President Gordon B. Hinckley and the singular life of service he lived. He was our prophet, our leader, our brother and our friend. We feel a deep, personal loss at his passing.

"President Hinckley served as an apostle for more than 46 years, the last 13 of which were as the senior apostle during his time as prophet and president of the Church. From those earliest days to these most recent ones, he unfailingly demonstrated his devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ, whose witness he was at home and abroad.

"We will miss his wit and his wisdom, his leadership and his love. However, we cannot but rejoice in his reunion with his beloved Marjorie, with his parents and other family members who have gone before, and with the prophets of God, both ancient and modern, among whose eternal ranks he now stands. As the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles we echo the voice of the Master, ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant. … Enter into the joy of thy Lord.'"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I've been tagged....

I've been tagged numerous times before....maybe I'll go back and find those, but probably not! I've decided that I would finally do this since I'm horribly bored at work and I was actually tagged by Nicki and Megan on this one, so here goes....

The rules are: Once you have been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose 10 people to be tagged. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "you are tagged" on their profile and tell them to read your blog.

1) I secretly love old school music. Old school meaning when I was in high school. 'NSYNC, BSB, Britney Spears,'s true. I still have all my CDs and on long road trips, when I'm the driver...I blast those babies and sing at the top of my lungs! :)

2) I'm sad they torn down the dorm rooms I lived in my freshman year, Deseret Towers for those of you familiar with BYU. It was such a bitter sweet year for me and that place always brought back a ton of memories. I wish I could have confiscated a brick to keep for my children.

3) I'm OCD when it comes to my house. Everytime hubby watches TV, he moves the remotes, and I always have to put them back correctly. It drives me nuts, but I can't help it.

4) I'm left handed. Most people are caught off guard when I tell them, but I love it, because then I get to hold hubby's hand when we go out to dinner! :)

5) I check FaceBook, MySpace, Hotmail, Google, GoogleReader, and my Bank Account at LEAST 10 times a day....probably more!

6) Speaking of Bank Account....I balance my check book once a day meaning I write all transactions in my check book and then when it clears the bank it gets a cute little check mark and a highlight. I watch it like a hawk! It's sad, because I always know when my husband spends money, and he gets reprimanded for not giving me receipts. He also hates shopping for holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries because if this obsessiveness of mine.

7) I'm terrified to go back to college. I associate school with failure and everything that happened freshman year.

8) I sleep with a fan on EVERY night, regardless of the temperature outside. I believe it comes from growing up in 120 degree weather my whole life. I'm used to the noise and the air flow on my face, it's fabulous!

9) I love watching Deal or No Deal. It's addicting and if it's on, I have to watch it to know if they win the million dollars!

10) My goal is to do invitations for famous people someday (I can dream big, right!?)

I'm going to tag: Michelle, Kara Ann, Adria, Connie, Cathy, Bethany, Allison, Shelly, Jenni, and Laura

The Brammer Twins!

My cute work friend Nicki had her twin babies on December 13th, 2007. It wasn't until after the first of the year that she finally let me come over and meet the cute kids. Ella Jean, and Talmage Ray are so cuddly and adorable!!!! Oh yeah, and Nicki looks Fabulous, and she is so happy! She really does have her hands full, but she really seems to know what she's doing. I'm sure I will be going to visit often because I can't get over how cute they are! :) If you want to see more cute pics of these adorable twins, you can go to Nicki's blog here.

Talmage Ray Brammer: born 5 lbs 15 oz; 18 inches long
Nicki and Talmage
Nicki and the twins
Ella Jean Brammer: born 6lbs 8 oz; 19 inches

Bon Voyage!!!!

Sorry, it's been a while....I have a ton to post, but mostly, I'm too lazy. I've recently chopped my hair (yes even shorter than before) I'm still trying to figure out how and what to do with it some days I like it and to be honest...some days I miss being able to put it in a ponytail. I have been visiting friends with new babies and I have been working on some baby shower invitations that are adorable. I've also seen a couple movies lately. All of which you will be hearing about...soon hopefully. :)

This is a card that I made for my awesome sister-in-law that went to Europe last year. It's taken this long to get her to scan it in and send it to me, but I wanted to share!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Wedding Invitations

I've recently done more wedding invitations and I realized I haven't posted the final proofs for you to look at! Sometimes, people will ask for several proof or samples before they decide on one, the last few of these is just that, samples I've created for my portfolio!

This wedding invitation is for Matthew's cousin who is getting married at the end of the month, I stole a picture from my friend Connor and Lindsey for Kara's proof, when the picture is with this type of invitation it really brings it all together.

This invitation is one that I've done before, but I was grateful to have the opportunity to do it again and it was such an easy order 150 invitations compared to the usually 400+. I love the monogram on this one.

This is Connor and Lindsey's actual invitation. It is such a great color scheme and I loved coming up with a new idea. The scanner doesn't give it justice, you can view pictures of them here (which my great friend Bethany took for me) or you can go to my website and view my online portfolio here.

These are a few of the samples I create for Lindsey and Connor, they are mostly the same, but we were trying to decide on paper and fonts.

Anya's Birthday Party

While my family was here, we got to celebrate Anya's 7th birthday!!!!! She was born on January 1, 2001! Birthday's were never super big growing up, so I decided we would through her a birthday bash. Nothing too big, just a cake, ice cream and some party favors!!!! We still had a blast though.

Let the party begin!
The birthday cake
The birthday girl!
she was VERY excited about her shrek and Disney Princess party favors!
Mikayla, Anya, and Miracle
Singing to the birthday girl
such a cutie
The Disney Princess Shrek!
Anya and Mommy

Temple Square

We got home from Boise the day after Christmas, and my parents drove out with my sisters on Friday. We had the chance to do so many fun things while they were here, Sledding, Movie Watching, Game Playing, LOTS of food, Park City Outlet Mall, and Temple Square. These are a few pictures we took, it was freezing and very windy, but it was good to see the Christmas lights, although, I have to say The Arizona Temple still does it better! :)

Anya and MatthewThe Family, minus my mother who always insists on being the photographer
Anya & Miracle
Miracle and Mikayla, who refused to smile for the camera, Miracle was able to help her out! ;)
Me and my two cute sisters, I miss them already!

Connor & Lindsey's Wedding

Connor and Lindsey got married on December 29th in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. Lindsey is the last of my roommates from college to get married. We were all there with our husbands and we had a blast, although the weather was VERY cold!

Not a great picture of the bride and groom (I need a faster camera & they needed not to be walking so fast!)Me, Jessica, Kara, Jessica
Matthew (he belongs to me), Rob (he belongs to Jessica, the on the the far R in the above picture), Thomas (he belongs to the other Jessica), and Alan (he belongs to Kara)
Me and my Baby!


These are a bit late!! Sorry it's been awhile, I've been busy out of town with Matthew's family for Christmas, and then my family visited for New Year's and I've been doing a few weddings (invitations) as well.

We had a wonderful Christmas with Matthew's family in Boise, ID. We ate a lot and mostly sang karaoke when we weren't eating! ;) His family is big on music and we go Christmas Caroling every Christmas Eve!

Grace & Nate
Grace would only take a picture with the Care Bear
Grace & Justin built a snowman who we named "Kenny Chesney"
Grace with her cute pony tail
Going Caroling
Baby Drew, he's got his caroling on! :)
Christmas Eve, I bought the whol family Christmas Pajamas which is something my family does every year.
Jill & Grace
Jenny & Justin
Linda & Dave
Matthew & I
Baby Drew in his monster pajamas

Christmas Morning