Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kids say the darndest things...

Miracle, Anya, Mikayla

I try to call my little sisters at least once a week to talk to them and say hello. My youngest sisters are Miracle (10), Mikayla (8), and Anya (6). Last week I was talking to Mikayla on the phone and the first topic of conversation went like this:

"Emily, why don't you want to have any kids?"
"Mikayla, who told you I don't want to have any kids?"
"Daddy said that you take medicine, I forgot what it's called, because you don't want any kids."
"I take medicine that's called birth control because I don't want to have kids TODAY!"
"Oh, okay..."

In that same phone call, I spoke to Anya who was in tears because she hurt her leg. She told me I better call her the next day because she was too hurt to talk on the phone. Miracle is my best buddy, they are coming to visit me in July and she is already talking about how horrible it will be when she has to leave me and how she will "cry and cry"...
My sisters are so cute! I've really missed being away from them. I can't wait to see them, but for now...I'm taking medicine because "I don't want kids"!

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Jenni said...

That's so funny. Don't you love it when everyone asks when you're going to have one (or another one)? :)