Monday, July 30, 2007

Pitterle Family Vacation

My parents and my three youngest sisters came out to Utah this past week for a vacation. We had such a blast and enjoyed every minute of it. Some of the things we did consisted of: Water Skiing, jumping off the back of the boat, floating on Utah Lake; Shopping in Park City; Bowling; Harry Potter (The Movie); Swimming at Antelope Island/The Great Salt Lake (which you can also float easily on due to the high density of salt); Shopping at Cabela's, and the BYU Bookstore; swimming at the Scera Pool Water Park; The Candy Factory; Downtown Salt Lake which included a tour of Brigham Young's house and the the North Visitor's Center; Hiking to Bridal Veil Falls; a drive around the Alpine Loop; Hairspray (The Movie); more swimming at the Scera Pool; Thanksgiving Pointe, which included the beautiful gardens and the Children's Fun place; and last but not least shopping at IKEA!!!!

I had such a great week off of work spending time with my family and letting my step-dad make some delicious, mouth watering homemade food such as: Crepes, Fajitas, Salsa, Banana Bread, Strawberry Pancakes, and Pizza to name a few!!!! I'm already missing his cooking, but I'm enjoying the left-overs!

Also, this week I started the first Harry Potter book. I have the habbit of starting a series after the last book comes out, so I don't have to wait two years for it to be released. I read the first three books this week and wish I could take another week off to continue lying by the pool, soaking up the sun and enjoying Harry Potter!

What a fabulous week!!! I'm sad to be back at work already. Enjoy the pictures! :)

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Bethany said...

I love your family! Cute photos! Keep the posts comin!