Thursday, October 11, 2007

Called to Serve...

My Sister-in-law Ashlee, reported to the MTC yesterday. She's headed to the Uruguay Montevideo West Mission! She'll be in the MTC for about 2 months and then she'll be off in the field. She is going to be such a GREAT sister missionary and I look forward to reading all of her letters!!!

La Familia (Dave, Linda, Nate, Ashlee, Justin, Matthew, Me)
Ashlee & the brothersUs!
Ashlee & NateMom does the honors of the name tag
Hermana Allphin


Bethany said...

Congrats to Ashlee! And everyone's eyes are dry, very impressive!

Mallory And Jon Willyerd said...

how fun! it reminds me of the good ol' days on my first day at the MTC. i loved it! i bet she will be an awesome missionary!