Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

Unfortunately, I didn't get into Halloween too much this year. I didn't carve pumpkins, I didn't dress up and to tell you the truth I was working all night on Halloween. Every year, I have to work until midnight on Halloween, due to the nature of my position, I have to help in the end of the year order processing. Our fiscal year ends on October 31st EVERY year; therefore, I miss out on my Aunt and Uncle's famous Halloween Party along with everything else!!!

My work, however, does allow kids under 12 to come and trick or treat office to office and I was lucky enough to have my cute niece and nephew come to Novell and trick or treat to their Aunt Em!!!! That was by FAR the highlight of my LONG evening!!!! Happy Holidays!

Grace as the Bumble Bee!
Adorable!Cowboy Drew!!! Yeehaw!!!Look at his cute Chaps and Cowboy Hat!!!!The family at Novell- TRICK OR TREAT!!!!


jack&alli said...

work=no fun! esp. on a holiday! lucky you, though, that you could have visitors! we have yet to dress up for halloween one of these years...
keep up the cute posts!

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily are you back in town yet? Whats new with you?

WHITING said...

Hi Emily!!! I'm glad to see your blog! You look great! Love and miss ya!
~ Natalie