Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol

American Idol has been especially exciting this year. I went to High School with Brooke White, which was not a big HS in Mesa, AZ. About 400 students total in grades 7-12. Brooke and I were in musicals and dance together. She is such an amazing person and I am so happy that she is getting the exposure she deserves after trying so long to start her career. She has a wonderful voice and she is a role model that everyone can look up to!!! Watch American Idol and vote for Brooke! Good Luck Brookie...we'll keep voting!


Megan Griffin said...

WOW that's crazy that you know her! I think she did really good last night - in fact, the others were so boring that I stopped watching. She and David Archuleta both have an innocence and humility about them that I think people love.

Neil and Lara said...

NO WAY!!! I love her! Is she a member of the church? I totally voted for her last night!

Svancara Family said...

isn't that so funny that we know her!! wait a go on spreading the word!! i think heritage grads can make her win....cuz there are so many of us:)