Thursday, May 15, 2008 new camera! The NIKON COOLPIX S52 (AKA the sweetest camera EVER!)

I won a new 1GB iPod Nano from my work for my sweet efforts last quarter and I didn't want it, not so much an iPod person (I know, I know).
Our camera broke about 6 months ago and we haven't really had $200 + to replace it, so I've gone without (hence no pictures in the last little while). So, when I got the iPod I figured, this is a great time to get one. I took the iPod back and looked at the possibilities for a digital camera and found out that this one had a $50.00 coupon starting today! So, I went on my lunch break and spent $0.00 on this sweet camera at Costco.

Today is the best day ever! Don't worry, you will be seeing LOTS of sweet pictures now! Did I tell you I'm REALLY excited!? :)


Bethany said...

FINALLY!!! and it's so pretty! YAAAAY!!!!!

TheBurgi's said...

I love your camera!! Hey where the heck have you been? Its like you dissapered! Can you make it to girls night next week?