Friday, May 29, 2009

Yard Sale Fund Raiser

WARNING: Extremely long post ahead, but I'd still love you to read it! ;)

I've been meaning to post for several days now. Work has been extremely busy. I received a promotion at the beginning of May. While my position hasn't changed, the workload has significantly increased. I could probably work 12 hour days and still feel behind. I feel so blessed to have such a great job that keeps me busy and gives me opportunities to excel, especially with the economy.

I get home from work every night and find myself wrapped up in Girl's Camp preparations, 5K training, or other projects that I've been working on which have included sewn tote bags for birthday gifts, baby shower and bridal shower invitations, the secret Girl's Camp project, and other projects I can't name until after a certain baby shower next weekend. All of these projects keep me up until the wee hours of the morning. I've gone to bed past 2 every night this week and have still managed to get myself out of bed and to work by 8:30 every morning. I'm exhausted!!!

I have so much to post, so I'll start with our Yard Sale Fundraiser. It was scheduled for May 2nd, but we were rained out so we had to postpone until the following weekend (May 9th). I was grateful for the extra week. It allowed us more time to prepare for the Yard Sale and come up with a sweet little (actually BIG) contraption that we could hang all of the clothes on which allowed us more room in the yard for other items. It was a great idea that was possible because of my cute hubby's engineering and craftsmanship. :)

The signage below I worked hours on. I came up with a genius idea that if I used the cricut machine they would look amazing!!!! Little did I know how long it would actually take to create 18 (that's right I said 1-8) of the bad boys below! Thankfully, we had a friend recommend spray adhesive that saved our life, otherwise I think my hands would have fallen off in the gluing process. My wonderful hubby stepped up to the plate to help me again and so did my sweet SIL Jenny!! We busted out the glueing in only 2.5 hours. Jenny then came up with the wonderful idea of laminating the posters so we could use them in the future. GENIUS!!! I did get them laminated and from what I heard they were the best yard sale signs in Utah County! :)

Saturday morning started around 5am. We woke up and went to get breakfast for the girl's and start organizing. The yard sale was located at a neighbor's home so we had to head over early to get all of the clothing, furniture, etc. set up that was stored in our trailer and under a tarp in the neighbor's backyard. (I have never seen a tarp as big as this one in my entire life. We had another neighbor offer to let us borrow it when the weather turned bad the week before. The tarp literally saved our Yard Sale. Without it, I'm afraid we would have lost most of the items that were donated).

It took us over an hour to transfer all of the items from the back to the front yard. By 7:15 I was in a panic. The signs were not on their cardboard boxes, the yard was not organized, the clothes were not hung and we still didn't even have the big items from the trailer out yet. We continued to work and miraculously we were pretty close to perfect by the time 8am rolled around.

The beginning, mostly organized...

I was pretty scared that we weren't selling much. The clothes were flying off the racks at a doller per item, but none of the big ticket items were going anywhere. I just knew there was no way we'd get even close to making as much as we had the previous year. But we continued...

The sweet clothing rack made by hubby and friend.

By noon, we decided to go inside and count the money to determine how much we had made so far....

I was shocked when at noon we had made almost $1,000.00. Which already surpassed what we had made the prior year and we still had at least $100 in the cash box and still a steady crowd. At that point we started doing $1.00 per grocery bag. Anything you can fit into a bag is $1.00. Genius idea really, we sell our stuff for cheap and it leaves the yard so we have less to haul to DI. During this next stretch we went in shifts to buy slurpies for all of our hard work.

My cute girls
At 1:30 we started putting free signs on stuff and it kept disappearing. People were still stopping by and purching $1.00 bag packed with anything and everything. The yard started to look a little empty.

The monitor was one of the last things to go, but it did go for FREE! We started to clean-up and we made it home by 4:00pm and had earned over $1,300.00.

I feel so blessed to be in this calling. Things always work out, I don't know why I doubt it so much, but we were blessed. The girls were troopers and stayed most of the day. They even stayed around after I told them all they could go home. There were so many small and large acts of kindness from the neighborhood, community and our ward. I'm so happy it all worked out!

If you're planning to do a Yard Sale in the future, here are a few tips.

* Signage is everything!!! If you have great signs, you will get more traffic.
* $1.00 per bag 1-2 hours before you're finished really brings in the revenue.
* If people are still showing up-don't put your stuff away!
* Craigslist and local classifieds are your best friend! You can generally post online for free and you'll see more traffic.
* Friends tell their friends about your Yard Sale if you're willing to negotiate and bring your cost down.

Have a happy weekend!


Lindsey said...

Emily you are amazing. I don't know how you keep up with everything you have going on. I wish I was there to help with your projects. I saw on facebook that you finished your 5k. How did it go? I want to hear all about it. Give me a call when life isn't too crazy. Love you!

MEG said...

I'm so glad it went well! How much did you make the previous year? I can't remember...

Thanks for the pictures!

bethany said...

your girls are so cute! they are so lucky to have you! i'm so glad the yard sale went so well, i wish i was there to help. those signs are AWESOME, a billion times better than our cool signs last year, lol. i love the tips too, great post!

Hibler House said...

So awesome! I'm glad it went well. Your signs were great and I can't believe how much stuff you sold and how much money you made! Congrats on Yard Sale Success!

Svancara Family said...

that is such a cool idea! im happy it all turned out well for you girls. SEE YOU SOON;)

jack+alli said...

wow! you are busy! great job on the yard sale, that is awesome!