Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Road Trip

Today is my last day of work...in a few short hours I will be turning in my badge and walking out of Building B at the Novell campus for the last time as an employee.

I haven't had much time to process anything that has happened over the past few weeks. I'm sure that will happen on the road or a few weeks from now once we've had a chance to get settled. What I do know is that I will miss my Novell family.

I'm feeling good; we're mostly packed and we start loading the truck tonight, but I'm also feeling a little nervous and anxious. This is an exciting adventure, but I'm sure it will take some time before it all sinks in. Sleeping has been a bit lacking lately as its a bit more difficult to shut my mind off at night, hopefully this will get better soon!

We pack up the truck tonight and we head for Kansas tomorrow morning. Matthew will be driving the truck and towing our Passat behind him and I'll be in our Honda. We'll have our walkie talkies to keep each other awake and alert. And hopefully lots of caffeine and snacks to help with the long drive.

We've decided to go through Wyoming and Oklahoma, so we'll be headed toward I-80 in the morning, bound for this new and exciting adventure!!! We'll stop in Oklahoma tomorrow night and then drive the rest of the way on Thursday.

We don't have a place to live yet, so it may be crazy for the next few weeks, I'll post we I get a chance.


The Blasucci's said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you guys! What a fun adventure. Do you mean Nebraska? Going through Wyoming and Oklahoma would be a pretty round about way of getting there. Are you planning on finding a job when you get out there? I hope everything goes well for you two! Good luck!

Lindsey said...

emily! you are going to have so much fun in your new adventures! don't stress and just enjoy the ride. i can't wait to hear about your new experiences... lots of blog posts please!!!

Bethany said...

Wahooo! Thinking of you today!!!!