Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jordan & Johanna's Wedding

Matthew and I attended his cousin's wedding on Saturday at the Sun River Gardens in Orem. The wedding was beautiful, the company was awesome and the food was FABULOUS!!! Not to mention the atmosphere was amazing too! We failed to get any pictures of the bride and groom or the decorations, food, etc., but we did manage to take photos of ourselves...(we're so self involved)! :)

Matthew and I with Andrew before the ceremony started.
Jill, Nate and Justin
Nate and Jill- Please also note the couple posing in the background
Jenny & Justin
Grandma Catlin & Me
Matthew and I with Grandma
So, I saw this blue arch way on our way out and I could resist taking a few pictures.
The sisters-in-law: Jill, Me (aka Jane) and Jenny
Grace is definitely the cutest in this photo!
Matthew and I


Svancara Family said...

you guys look so cute! i love your hair!

Mari said...

I love it when people whose first names start with the same letter get married. It's so cute!

Hibler House said...

You guys are conceited! At least you have pictures of the two of you together. I love your skirt! And the couple posing, awesome.

jack+alli said...

way cute hair!!! there's nothing wrong with having pictures of just you two (: my scrapbooks are full of pictures of just jackson and i.

Catherine (Proctor) Leitner said...

You and Matt look so cute. By the way Happy B-Day to Matt. I'm glad things are going well. Just wanted to let you know I started a blog. It is
Take care,
Catherine (proctor) Leitner