Monday, September 22, 2008

Nora Belle

My sister Lori came up to visit last weekend with her boyfriend Vic and their 8-week old little girl Nora. We had such a great time visiting and hanging out. We spent some time up at Sundance and in Park City. I am surprised that the leaves have already started changing as of the first week in September. My favorite part of the trip was seeing my little Nora, she is such a doll!!!!! She slept with me every night and Matthew and I even got to babysit while Vic and Lori spent a night up in Park City. It was so much fun! She is such a great baby (only woke up once to eat in the middle of the night). I had so much fun with them! I only wish we lived closer so we could babysit more often! Hopefully we can talk them into coming back this winter for a ski trip! :)

My little Nora Belle
This is her little friend, Nora doesn't go anywhere without her.
Love this picture...
Vic & Lori
Who you lookin' at!?

My cute friend Bethany was kind enough to meet us at The Riverwoods to take some pictures of Nora. The reason I posted my pictures first was because hers are infinitely better! These are so beautiful. To see more of Nora and Bethany's work, please go here.


Megan Griffin said...

Emily she's beautiful - and I LOVE the name Nora! Do you think your sister would mind if I stole it for my girl (if I ever have one)? I liked the name Avrin for a girl, but then realized that since I named my son Axton I can't really use it.


MJ and Susan said...

Emily she is seriously so cute and precious! You have the cutest little nieces!!!!!

Bethany said...

love love love!!!!!!!

jack+alli said...

lucky! i love sleepovers with babies! she is such a beautiful baby....and your friends takes awesome pictures!

Hibler House said...

She is so cute! Almost makes me want to have another little one... almost, but not quite. I bet that was so fun to have them visit. I love the picture with the big soothie in her mouth. Those pacifiers are the best! It makes their mouths look like little fish faces! I love her! And those pictures your friend did are so amazing! That's definitely a great talent.