Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My to-do List....

for my blogging peeps:

1. Post a picture of my new hairdo (not THAT different).
2. Update you on my Valentine weekend (not THAT exciting and I don't want to be too gushy).
3. Find other things to blog about...
4. Find the motivation to do all of the above.

Stick with me friends, hopefully my motivation will present itself by the end of the week! :)


bethany.j said...

amen, i have to make stuff up all the time!

bethany.j said...

ps. thank you again for lunch today, i loved it! :)

jack+alli said...

:) thanks for your comment.
really wussy?! i think not! we all have to start somewhere and work up, right?! im so excited for you!

oh my gosh! are your calves sore or was that just me?!
and level 2 is killing me. i seriouly grunt and yell! i see why it's called 30 day SHRED...i feel like a piece of shredded chicken!

The Bentleys said...

Wow; you totally just typed everything, like, straight from my brain... weird.

I am such a slacker.