Friday, February 20, 2009

V-Day Weekend Round-Up

Friday Feb. 13: I came home after a long day of work to this:

Not only that, but the house was picked up and more importantly, my hubby had scrubbed our bathroom. From top to bottom. Best. Valentine's. Ever.

Friday Night, Dinner and a Movie:

We went to dinner with some friends to Pizzeria 712. It was delicious and totally not what I was expecting. I felt under dressed at a pizza place, how is that possible!? When the waiter came to our table we asked if we could order slices of pizza and his response was, "You should be weary of the pizza places that sell pizza by the slices. It usually means it's been sitting in the back. We only sell whole pizzas made fresh at the time of order". I'm a pretty picky eater, but I liked the pizza and I thought it was reasonably priced.

After dinner, we went to see this movie:

It was Ah-mazing!!! I totally loved it. It had the Bourne feel to it and it was fast moving. The teenagers were annoying, but what teenagers aren't? Anyway, I left the theater wanting to go back and watch it again.

Saturday Feb. 14: Woke up earlier around 8:30 and hung up this sign that I made for Matthew (supplies and idea from PIMP) :) We opened our gifts to each other and I was excited that Matthew got me the following:

(I will tell you more about these later in upcoming posts.) I got Matthew a few gifts as well:

Valentine Peeps are his favorite because they are deliciously Strawberry.

We bought him a DS for an early Valentine gift, so I purchased a game to give him that he had been asking for.

The rest of Saturday was pretty relaxing, we went to brunch at Callie's Cafe. A local cafe in Orem that serves delicious breakfast and turns into a bar in the evenings. Seriously, the breakfast is great! We spent the rest of the day on our pullout couch watching movies! I also tried out a new recipe: White Chicken Chili that I'll share with you during Recipe Week. I loved it!

Sunday Feb. 15th: We spent most of the morning sleeping in. After church we had dinner with friends and then stayed up late playing Peanuts (a favorite with the girls, not so much the guys).

Monday Feb. 16th: Slept in until 11am and stayed in my PJ's until 4pm while trying to attempt these babies (don't judge me for liking to eat sweet treats with coffee in them. I've already heard it from hubby). The attempt wasn't as successful as I would have liked. I got all the way to the dipping of the cupcakes in the chocolate and they all fell apart. Needless to say, I spent over 2 hours just to throw them all away...I would like to try again and leave out the coffee as hubby doesn't like it (I'll update you if and when that happens).

We headed to some friends for dinner and made these Asian Sirloin Deliciousness for the second time. You'll remember we made these for the first time with my BFF Bethany right before this sweet accident in June '08. The pictures are priceless.

We had a great weekend. How was yours?


KaLee said...

What a fun weekend! So, I've totally been wanting a DS, but have been trying to decide how much I would actually use it--plus the whole "do I really need something ELSE to take up my time" thing. Do you recommend one? What are some of your favorite games? Email me: justkalee at Thanks!

MEG said...

Holy COW! You DID have a wonderful V-day weekend! I wish I could get a scrubbed bathroom. I LOVE pizzaria 712. We'll have to go there for lunch sometime. I'm glad you are doing the shred too - now I have some company.

Happy weekend after V-day. I'm so glad it's Friday!

bethany.j said...

i've been meaning to tell you that i've been craving some asian deliciousness ever since you mentioned it, and that one of our first purchases when we leave wymount will be a GRILL! i can't wait for summertime grilling. such a pretty valentine's day you had, i love the flowers (and a clean bathroom- so nice!)

Catherine (Proctor) Leitner said...

How is the 30 day shred? Let me know if you like it and if you think it works well.
I'm looking for more variety in my workout...I get bored way easy.
Sounds like you and Matt had a totally awesome V-Day.

The Thatchers said...

nice V-day, very nice. i thought that movie was really good too.

Stradling Fam said...

emily....I have been meaning to call you. I actually have a half written unsent e-mail to you, but I didn't feel right about sending it until it was totally finished with ALL my thoughts and feelings in it, but I wanted to let you know right now that i appreciate your e-mail more than you know. Until we talk, just know that!!!!!! LOVE YOUR GUTS!!! MISS YOU!!!