Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Factory Cars

Girl's Camp in three weeks! It's getting crazy around here... I had a hard time finding a service project for my girls to do up at camp, but I finally found them. This non-profit organization Happy Factory Cars builds these little toy cars for children and ships them all over the world. It's a pretty amazing story. If you have time,and if the website is working, you should check them out here.

In order to be able to take the cars up to camp and finish them I had to get 8 people 18 years and older to come to the factory for 3 hours to cut and sand the cars and get them all ready to be assembled and oiled. My friend Kristie helped me get it set up, so we went Thursday. Below are some pictures of our efforts; GOOD TIMES!

Dani Gooch sandin' her truck!
The workshop
More Sanding.....three hours worth!
You talkin' to ME!?
Mandy, our YW President...she broke the saw.
My new Camp Assistant, Camila! HOORAY!!!!!Kristie, my sweet friend from work, she's the bomb! She's helped me sooooo much with camp.
Heebucci (aka Jessica)We look HOT!!!!! We literally were...sweat and dust EVERYWHERE!
We're done.....YAY!

So, the sweet old man, who's over the Factory in Orem turns to us after almost 3 hours and motions to us that we have 5 minutes left. I keep workin' hard, sanding my little cars trying to bust out as many as we can. The sanding was definitely the most difficult and dirty job. Every 10 minutes a car would pop out of our hands, we'd look around frantically and ask, "Are you okay? Are you okay?" We all were just fine.....Well, we were down to the last minute and a little toy car popped out of my hand....and my hand headed straight for the sander, below is what happened...

I sanded my little thumb nail down to the skin. It's pretty sweet AND painful. Oh well, now I have a good story to tell the girls up at camp. We all had a really great time and I've already considered going back on a regular basis. I think it's such a great idea. Some of the children that receive these cars have never had a toy in their whole life! I so grateful for the opportunity to serve!


Megan Griffin said...

HHAHAHAHAHAHA the picture of Kristie is PRICELESS!!!! She is such a cutie. It looks like you guys had fun!

Bethany said...

what i want to know is why you didn't invite me! lol. you look dang cute in that last pic of all 8 of you holding the cars. dang sanding machine!!!

beloved30 said...

That looks like it hurt! How are you doing? Love you!

Quinn & Dani Gooch said...

HAHA!! I love these pictures...hilarious! The picture or you, me and Lindsay is AWESOME. My hair was looking sweet. Thanks for letting me come with you guys, that was so fun.