Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vic & Lori's Baby Shower

This past weekend I went to AZ for my sister's baby shower. It was such an exhausting weekend, but totally worth it! I was able to help my sister with her shower and see most of my family. Below is a slide show from all the pictures I took which include the Baby Shower invitations I did for them back in March and the Diaper Cake that Lori & I made on Friday night. On Sunday I was also able to go to my little niece's blessing. It was such a great weekend and I'm already trying to figure out when we can sneak down next. :) Enjoy the pictures!


Bethany said...

everyone looks so great! lori is so beautiful, her belly is perfect; adam is like, crazy older and looks awesome; ellie is the cutest tiniest little thing; your little sisters are so crazy older too but so beautiful; your invitations are so cute; and the shower looks amazing. i'm sooooo glad you have a new camera!!

Mauri said...

looks like fun. I agree w/Bethany. She has a PERFECT prego belly. Seriously. I better look half as cute as that when I get pregnant. That diaper cake=totally cute & one day I'm gonna have you make me invitations for SOMETHING because you do such an amazing job!!!

Mrs and Mr W said...

how fun!
I totally remember your brother from heritage!
hey this is our new blog address
-mallory and Jon