Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 6 Recipe Week: 7-Layer Dip

This is a favorite for parties! I got this recipe from my sister several years ago. I love to make this, it's easy and tasty!

7-Layer Dip
I usually make on a normal dinner plate
1st: Refried Beans (I mix 1-2 tablespoons of mayo in with the beans to make them a little creamer).
2nd: 1 12 oz. Dean's Zesty Guacamole (has to be Dean's it's the BEST!) Put on top of bean layer.
3rd: Sour Cream (I mix about half of a taco seasoning packet into a 16 oz. thing of sour cream, I use most of the sour cream but not all of it.) Put on top of guacamole layer.
4th: Cover with cheese (I use a mexican blend).
5th: Chopped black olives
6th: Chopped tomatoes (We like a lot, usually only takes 2-3 romas)
7th: Chopped green onions

Best to make a few hours before and put in refrigerator to chill.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, this sounds so good. I love this kind of dip! Thanks for the recipe girl:)