Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

I saw Matthew for the first time on Sunday, January 5th, 2003. My oldest brother, Louis and my mom had just driven me back to Utah. It was a difficult time for my family, as my father had just past away a few weeks earlier. My mom and my brother went to church with my that afternoon at the BYU Law Building. I was sitting there saying hi to my sweet friends and feeling their wonderful love and support when in walked this strong, handsome farm boy. I was immediately attracted to him.

Weeks went by and my image slowly changed. I dyed my hair a darker color and started going through a "punk" phase. My family was worried about me, but I felt like I was just trying to find myself and cope with everything that had happened over the last several months.
Matthew and I wold walk past each other on our way to classes and every time I saw him, my heart skipped a beat. I finally verbalized my crush for him to the girls in my ward and by March he called me on the phone and asked me out on a date. I was elated!!! I hung up the phone and screamed, I felt like the luckiest girl in the ward. 

We moved fast in our relationship, by our second date I told him I was really attracted to him and I wanted to see where things could go, but that I came with some serious baggage. We were open with each other from the start and it was so refreshing. On that same date we had our first kiss.

The next year brought a lot of struggles for both of us. We were young and trying to find ourselves and figure what we needed, but being together was never a question. On April 10, 2004, we went up to Sundance and he proposed to me in the very same spot where we had our first kiss.

I moved home to AZ a few days later to plan the wedding. On Saturday, July 10, 2004 I married the man of my dreams and I've never been happier. Matthew is my world and I've grown to love him more and more every single day. 

Here's a look at us throughout the years! 

Us on our wedding day- 108 degree weather is not ideal.

Our Honeymoon in Mexico, where I began the never-ending bad luck with all motorized vehicles that are not cars. I wrecked our 4-wheeler about 15 minutes after we rented it and I was determined to take it back right away. This has only continued throughout our marriage, the most memorable can be seen here.

Our very first picture with our very first digital camera. This is history in the making folks!

Our 1-Year Anniversary-We went up to Salt Lake City and stayed at Little America where Matthew proceeded to get sick with food poisoning-definitely a memorable anniversary!

December 2005

I will NEVER forgive myself for this...I used to cut Matthew's hair and I thought I was pretty good at it. Until this specific incident when I had taken the guard off of the clippers to get around his ears and then I found a spot that I had missed on the side of his head and I went at it without the guard on...before I knew it, it was too late!!! Needless to say, I refused to buzz his head, so we had to take a trip downstairs to Nate and Jill's-she was braver than I was and afterward he looked like our niece Grace. I've never cut his hair since...

Sept 25th, 2006 - The night before Matthew's first marathon in Logan, UT

Sept. 23, 2006 - Just after crossing the finish line after his 1st Marathon!

Disneyland June 2007-Matthew's 1st trip!!

4th of July, 2007- I love his curly hair!


After purchasing our first car-Christmas 2008

My first race "Running with Angels"-May 2009

My 25th birthday in Park City-September 7, 2009

Matthew's Graduation-April 30, 2010

Special Olympics-June 2010

4th of July 2010

Happy Anniversary babe, I love you!


Andersen Family said...

What a sweet couple you are! and Em, you are looking great!!

jack+alli said...

how sweet! :) i hope you have a very happy anniversary!

Bethany said...

i love this!!!!! I especially love that splash mountain pic of all of you together, SO cute and so hilarious, hahahahahaha!

Hibler House said...

Happy Anniversary! I just love you both so much, I'm glad you're together so I can love you even more!

Stradling Fam said...

You guys are the greatest!! Miss hangin out with you! call me sometime. Love ya!!!

Mauri said...

How sweet. I love hearing how people met! You guys are perfect for each other!

Adria said...

how priceless is that picture of matthew at disney? so cute!

you two are adorable and i'm so happy you are so happy:) i hope the day was everything you wanted it to be. xoxo

mark said...

i love all those pictures and watching everything you guys have done and seeing your wedding picure, honeymoon, vacations etc. you guys are so cute. thanks for putting up with nix today. you guys are the best nursery teachers! i'm sad he wont get the chance to be in there with you. can't wait til powell!!! love ya!