Sunday, January 6, 2008


These are a bit late!! Sorry it's been awhile, I've been busy out of town with Matthew's family for Christmas, and then my family visited for New Year's and I've been doing a few weddings (invitations) as well.

We had a wonderful Christmas with Matthew's family in Boise, ID. We ate a lot and mostly sang karaoke when we weren't eating! ;) His family is big on music and we go Christmas Caroling every Christmas Eve!

Grace & Nate
Grace would only take a picture with the Care Bear
Grace & Justin built a snowman who we named "Kenny Chesney"
Grace with her cute pony tail
Going Caroling
Baby Drew, he's got his caroling on! :)
Christmas Eve, I bought the whol family Christmas Pajamas which is something my family does every year.
Jill & Grace
Jenny & Justin
Linda & Dave
Matthew & I
Baby Drew in his monster pajamas

Christmas Morning

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