Monday, September 10, 2007

The day in the life of an Allphin...

On Labor Day...the Allphin's got together and did just that....we labored to get corn ready to freeze which is a longer process than I wanted it to be. Growing up as a city girl, I didn't know much about fresh food grown in a garden...I still don't know much being married to a farm boy, but I'm sure learning. The process of freezing the corn is as follows:
1. You Shuck the corn (
to shuck corn = pulling the husks down the ear and snapping off the stem at the base).
2. You clean the corn (to clean the corn you take a rag of sort and wipe from the base of the corn to the tip, cleaning of any extra "fuzz" that didn't come off with the husks).

(Grace, my adorabl niece, cleaning the corn)
3. You blanch the corn (to blanch the corn you dip it in boiling water for 3 must time it or it won't be right for the freezing).
4. You cool the corn (to cool the corn you place in tub of sorts with ice and cool it until it sinks to the bottom of the tub or giant ice chest in our case!) :)

(my niece loves to help, she's bobbing for "acorn")
5. You cut the corn (to cut the corn, you take cob in one hand, knife in the other and shave the kernels off the cob, making sure you get all of the yummy goodness in the kernal bowl!)
6. You bag the corn (to bag the corn you measure about 4 cups into 1 quart size freezer bags and label the corn according to the year in which you freeze it!)

7. You freeze the corn so you can eat yummy "corn on the cob" ALL year round!!!

We bagged roughly 90 bags of corn, with more left to this instance, I am happy I married a farm boy and I wasn't too upset about laboring for the wonderful corn that we will have all winter long! YUMMO!!!

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Nicki said...

Thank you for the excellent description of how to store corn for the upcoming winter. Being a city-girl myself, I feel inspired to try this one day... I think it's a pretty good idea (albeit labor intensive!).