Friday, September 28, 2007

I have an announcement to make...

Two announcements really!!!!

Firstly, I just found out this morning that my sister Kirbi is pregnant with her SECOND girl!!!! Congrats Kirbi, Joe, and BIG sister Lillabeth!!! I am so excited for them!!! And I know Lillie is super excited as well!!! The baby is due Feb 26th and I am already planning my trip to Boston the first part of March. :)

Secondly, I found out last week that my brother DJ, and his wife Amy Jo, are expecting their THIRD baby in May!!! Congrats to them!! They already have two adorable Hinchey Boys and I can't wait to find out what they are going to have, although, my bet is another boy!!! I'll be in AZ for two weeks in November and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my adorable nephews, Cole & Jake!

I love being an Aunt, it is honestly the greatest thing in the world (so Far)!!! I know that when I have my own kids I will think that actually being a mom is pretty spectacular!!! Until then...Hooray for siblings with kids to spoil and send home!!!! :)

Pictures of my niece and nephews on the Hinchey side:
Lillabeth Ann Mason (Kirbi & Joe's First Girl!) She'll be four on Dec. 6th
David Cole Hinchey (DJ & Amy Jo's oldest boy) He just turned two on Sept. 22
Jacob Nelson Hinchey (DJ & Amy Jo's 2nd boy) He'll be one on Dec. 7th


Bethany said...

INCREDIBLE!!!!! Congrats to Kirbi and Joe, and to DJ and Amy, that is so exciting. (I just can't wait until you have this same announcement but it's YOU!)

Mauri said...

So cute! I just met Cole a few weeks ago. He is SO stinkin cute!!Along with a bunch of your other family (so many I can't remember them all!) I can't wait until I have more nieces and nephews!

joliej said...

So darn cute! And you're right...being an auntie is way fun! Although I have to say, now being a parent...even though you can't send 'em back to their parents (haha!)'s amazingly wonderful!

jack&alli said...

what cute kids! i agree, being an aunt is so fun! esp. giving them back to their rightful owners. its a nice thing.