Sunday, January 25, 2009

Arizona Temple Lights

12/27: We met up with some of my siblings to go see the Arizona Temple Lights. For those of you that haven't seen them, they are beautiful! It was a perfect time to go because there were no crowds. The weather was cold for Arizona, but we managed. We had a wonderful time and went to Denny's afterward to hang out. I think this was one of my favorite nights in Arizona...

Kirbi and Ellie
Sadie Rose
Louis and Cole
Joe and Sadie
Amy Jo, Me, Matthew, Ellie, Jake, Louis, Cole, Vic, Lori & Nora
Vic and Lori


jack+alli said...

you were quite the busy lady while you were here!
don't you just love vacations?!

Andersen Family said...

So many babies!! Was there something in the water do you think?

bethany.j said...

such cuties!!! i still need to visit AZ at Christmas. someday.