Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Pictures from the Trip...

So sorry for all the pictures I've been posting. I can't get enough of my family and I never feel like I have enough pictures of them. We had such a great time on our trip. I wanted to share some more photos with you. Enjoy!

Sadie Rose
Lori, Our Cousin Katie, and Nora
Jake, Me and Nora
Uncle DJ and Nora
Sadie and Grammy
Uncle DJ and Sadie
Nora with her French Fry
My favorite picture of the whole trip. Our 2008 Babies:
Sadie, Nora, Ellie & Chloe

The Babes and their Mamas
Miracle and Chloe
Joe and Lillabeth
Lillabeth and Anya
Mikayla and our Cousin Tyler
Katie and Nora
The big picture at my Mom's house (this isn't even everyone)
Adam, Cousin Brad, Cousin Drew, and Louis
Kirbi, Katie and Nora

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