Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

12/24: After making the tamales we headed back to Vic and Lori's house. We took a quick nap and then got ready for Christmas Eve at Vic's Parents house. We ate Ham, Tamales, Beans, This Mexican Soup that was delicious and lots of other great food. I also had Mexican Coca-Cola that is VERY good (it does taste different than regular Coke). We played games and stayed up well past midnight when Vic's family traditionally opens their Christmas Presents. It was a fun evening.

Nora in her pretty Christmas Dress
A quick shot with Nora
It was pretty late by this point- I'm exhausted.
Nora and her daddy

Mommy and Nora

12/25: Christmas morning we woke up and opened our stalkings and presents with Vic, Lori, and Nora. It was a great Christmas. After getting ready for the day, we headed to Tempe where we spent most of the day with family. The weather was rainy and beautiful. I miss Arizona rain.

Nora Christmas Morning
Santa brought me a Nintendo DS, and some lamps for our bedroom.
We also went shopping a few days before Christmas and got some new clothes.
Matthew in his Nerf gear getting ready for the Nerf War with all the Brothers.
Jake getting in on the Nerf Gun action
Ellie loving her new Minnie doll.
Top L to R: Joe, Lillabeth, Spencer, Katie, Tyler, Vic, Nora, Ryan

Bottom L to R: Cole, Dave, Tiffany, Me, Ellie, Matthew, Louis, Amy Jo, DJ, Kirbi, Sadie, Lori, Jake and Adam

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bethany.j said...

love your fam. love the family picture!!! everyone looks so good.