Thursday, January 8, 2009

Las Vegas Bowl- December 19 & 20

I had over 700 blog posts to read after I got back. I had every intention of reading your blogs and keeping up with my posts while I was in AZ, but I just never got around to it. So, I'll start from the beginning and post frequently for all of you who have been asking for pictures.

We decided to travel down through Las Vegas and go to the Las Vegas Bowl on our way down to AZ. We drove over on Dec. 19th and stayed at The Luxor with some friends. It was a quick trip, but very fun. We ate at IN N OUT and we managed to win over $100 at the nickel slots! It was a great time, the weather was a little chilly, but I'm glad we went and experienced a BYU bowl game.

After going to IN N OUT Satruday, we walked the strip for a while and watched the 3D movied at the M&M Factory.
We got to our seats at the game (row 13 about the 30 yard line) and two rows in front of us and a little to the right was Lavell Edwards.
The view from our seats, amazing! (P.S. Those are feet warmers on my knees)
With our friends Cam and Dorothy
During "God Bless America" this flag covered the whole field, it was incredible.
Guess who sang the National Anthem!? Think Baywatch...
Yep, non other than David Hasselhoff
The Cougs doing the Haka before kickoff
And last but not least, Matthew's brother on the field as the "water boy". He's in the Athletic Training Program at BYU and was assigned to the football team this last semester.


bethany j. said...

amazing, so jealous! and lavell is the coolest. how was the luxor? i can't wait to see more!

TheBurtons said...

i hope everything goes well at the dr for matthew. we will miss not seeing you. how is your car? you got a screaming deal...can't believe it. OH I LOVE YOU GRLY!

The Thatchers said...

it looks soooo cold. love the warmers on your knees.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds amazing! I love how the flag covered the whole field! And you look so cute:)