Tuesday, January 13, 2009

December 21st

After the Bowl Game, we headed straight to Arizona. It was a long 6 hours...We didn't arrive at my sister's house until almost 4am. We were glad to be there. On Sunday, we went to my brother's house to spend some time with my cute nephews and niece (Cole, Jake, and Ellie). We had a great time making sugar cookies! We also learned that Cole is a genius when it comes to the Wii. He walked us through how to set up our Wii-Me's and then showed us how to play the game. It was hilarious! I love spending time with them.

That night we went to Keith and Connie's place for dinner. We loved hanging out with them and seeing their new little girl Makena, she's ADORABLE!!! My only regret was that I didn't take a photo of us. More to come on our trip to AZ...

Jake and Cole making a mess of the flour! :)
Jake and Me
Ellie Belle
Matthew and Ellie

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Svancara Family said...

did i tell you how much i love your hair when you were here? it is so cute!! you guys need to move here...any plans for that are is it utah forever? it was so good to see you. how did matthew's appointment go?