Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Brammer Twins!

My cute work friend Nicki had her twin babies on December 13th, 2007. It wasn't until after the first of the year that she finally let me come over and meet the cute kids. Ella Jean, and Talmage Ray are so cuddly and adorable!!!! Oh yeah, and Nicki looks Fabulous, and she is so happy! She really does have her hands full, but she really seems to know what she's doing. I'm sure I will be going to visit often because I can't get over how cute they are! :) If you want to see more cute pics of these adorable twins, you can go to Nicki's blog here.

Talmage Ray Brammer: born 5 lbs 15 oz; 18 inches long
Nicki and Talmage
Nicki and the twins
Ella Jean Brammer: born 6lbs 8 oz; 19 inches


jack&alli said...

how precious! and lucky her, she hit the jackpot with getting one of each! i would love to have twins....too cute!

Nicki said...

Hi Em! Thanks for posting these cute pics of the twins up (and not-so-cute-pics of me... wow, it's a good thing I got hitched before hitting the no-sleep zone with babies!) Also, I LOVE the new background on your blog-- it screams sophistication and class! Take care!