Sunday, January 6, 2008

Temple Square

We got home from Boise the day after Christmas, and my parents drove out with my sisters on Friday. We had the chance to do so many fun things while they were here, Sledding, Movie Watching, Game Playing, LOTS of food, Park City Outlet Mall, and Temple Square. These are a few pictures we took, it was freezing and very windy, but it was good to see the Christmas lights, although, I have to say The Arizona Temple still does it better! :)

Anya and MatthewThe Family, minus my mother who always insists on being the photographer
Anya & Miracle
Miracle and Mikayla, who refused to smile for the camera, Miracle was able to help her out! ;)
Me and my two cute sisters, I miss them already!


Shelly Schloegel said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for the new posts!

Lara said...

Hi, my name is Lara, I am a friend of Allison's I was just noticing that you do a lot of card and invitation making by hand and I was wondering what programs you used. I do it also but I don't have good program to do ones with pictures and things. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! You can comment back on my blog: Thanks!


Lara said...


Thanks for the help! I will have to get it! Would you mind if I added you to my friend list, I would like to keep up with your creative ideas! Let me know!